Conflict Discernment Journal


Matthew 18 provides a process Christians can use to resolve conflicts.  The first step in this process (verses 8-9) asks you to examine yourself.  This journal will help you do that.  The second step in the process (verse 15) is to go directly to the person, “when the two of you are alone” and work it out if you can.

Begin in prayer.  Ask God for direction and then complete this journal.

 Briefly identify the issue:  (Use only one sentence.  This will help focus.)

 Your position on the issue:

 Your perception of the other person’s/group’s position on the issue:

 Put yourself in the other person’s/group’s shoes.  What might they say that you have contributed to the conflict?

 Describe the need you want to have addressed.  There is a need for:

What are some possible Scripture images that shed light on this situation?

 Is there a history behind your concern?  Is this history impacting your reactions?

What steps can you take to remain calm, confident and connected to the other person?

Excerpts from  PPRC Manual 2004, Rev Terry N. Gladstone, Detroit Conference of The United Methodist Church